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Multi row tabs on Firefox 66

Posted by Aapo Rantalainen on April 15, 2019

My previous post about Multi row tabs for Firefox 57 needed some updating.

I still think there must be a way to see all tabs in once even there are MANY tabs. Using multiple rows is a natural way for that.

Here comes one (not yet finalized) solution.

*Create folder named chrome in your firefox profile folder. If you don’t know where is your profile folder, use firefox and go to the address about:support add click ‘open profile folder’. (It is possible you have this chrome folder already).
*Create new text document on chrome folder, named userChrome.css (If you have it already, you should know why you have it already, and then try to merge modifications)
*Copy+paste this to the userChrome.css:

/* Remove tab title blur */
.tab-label-container[textoverflow]:not([pinned]) {
mask-image: unset !important;

/* Remove tab close button */
.tabbrowser-tab .tab-close-button {
visibility: collapse !important;

/* Hover makes X-button visible */
.tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned]):not(:hover) .tab-close-button {
visibility: collapse !important;
.tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned]):hover .tab-close-button {
visibility: visible !important;
display: block !important;

/* Active Tab Background Color */
.tab-background[selected="true"] {
background-attachment: none!important;
background-color: rgb(167, 167, 167)!important;
background-image: none!important;
background-position: none!important;
background-repeat: none!important;
background-size: none!important;

/* Multi-row tabs
:root {
--tabs-lines: 3; /* number of rows, increase for more */
--tab_min_width_mlt: 80px;
--tab_max_width_mlt: 200px;
--tab-min-height_mlt: var(--tab-min-height,32px);

.tabbrowser-tab[fadein]:not([pinned]) {
flex-grow: 1;
min-width: var(--tab_min_width_mlt) !important;
max-width: var(--tab_max_width_mlt) !important;

.tabbrowser-tab,.tab-background {
min-height: var(--tab-min-height_mlt);

.tabs-newtab-button {
vertical-align: bottom !important;
height: var(--tab-min-height_mlt);
margin-bottom: -1px !important;

.tab-stack {
width: 100%;

/* fix tab position */
#tabbrowser-tabs > .tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox {
min-height: var(--tab-min-height_mlt) !important;
:root[uidensity=touch] .tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned]) .tab-content .close-icon {
padding-top: 0px !important;
padding-bottom: 0px !important;

#tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {
display: flex;
flex-wrap: wrap;
overflow-x: collapse !important;
overflow-y: auto !important;
min-height: var(--tab-min-height_mlt);
max-height: calc( var(--tabs-lines) * var(--tab-min-height_mlt) ) !important;

#tabbrowser-tabs .arrowscrollbox-scrollbox {
overflow-x: collapse;
overflow: visible;
display: block;

#tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-up,
#tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbutton-down,
#TabsToolbar #alltabs-button,
display: none;

#main-window[tabsintitlebar] #tabbrowser-tabs {
-moz-window-dragging: no-drag !important;

.tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox > .arrowscrollbox-overflow-start-indicator:not([collapsed]),
.tabbrowser-arrowscrollbox > .arrowscrollbox-overflow-end-indicator:not([collapsed]) {
opacity: 0 !important;

#tabbrowser-tabs * {
overflow-x: none !important;

#main-window[customizing] #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {
display: block !important;

#tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {
-moz-padding-end: 4px !important;

#TabsToolbar[currentset^="tabbrowser-tabs,new-tab-button"] #tabbrowser-tabs .scrollbox-innerbox {
-moz-padding-end: 0px !important;

/* End Multi-row Tabs */

* This solution breaks moving tabs by dragging.

* https://techne.alaya.net/?p=19043
* https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx/
* https://github.com/MrOtherGuy/firefox-csshacks/blob/master/chrome/multi-row_tabs.css

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